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How does it work?

We use your information to SHOP your application to over 140 banks and credit unions.  This is a “soft-pull” and does not show up on your credit report.  Each and every HARD credit pull drops your rating.  We carefully match your application to a bank that wants you as a client.  We have access to special programs that are not available to the public.  Many times, we’ll arrange funding through a specific bank, and the client had already been TURNED down by that bank.

How much can I get?

Depends on the strength and the depth of the credit.  A big factor is credit usage.  If you’re maxed out on all your cards, it’s going to take more work.  We can usually get between $30k to $200k.  Also, when we structure your deals, we do it strategically.  The funding often happens in steps.  Start with 50k, building up a little history, then coming back and getting an additional $100k.


How long does it take?

Depends on your credit and how much work needs to be done.  Usually an approval within 5-7 days.  Then creating the lending solution can be done as quickly as 10 days, or as long as 60 days if there are credit issues, or if we need to pay down some of your balances to boost your ratings up.

UNSECURED Lending, with no income verification!

Weight loss exercise for bad back

Best exercise for weight loss with back pain

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Back weight loss exercise

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Is sweating during exercise a sign of weight loss

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Cardiovascular exercise for weight loss

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Exercise recommendations for weight loss

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